Walk of Fame Finale

The gowns are off and the ties loosened. A grueling almost five hour marathon session has come to an end.

In the end, the event itself was a bit anticlimatic. We had the normal problems with changing clothes in heavy lag. Some didn’t rez. Some didn’t look right. Mouths got warped, smiles were turned on for no reason. Normal, heavy lag circumstances.

DJ meka Chaffe was on hand to keep the stream going and to read the texts from each model aloud. It was a lot for one person to do, but she did a yeoman effort to keep up with it. She does have a great voice and I’ll confess I’m a fan of her music picks. She has stuff I don’t hear everywhere.

The various components of the event were largely uneventful, and that’s really what one might want, I suspect. Having made up my mind that I’d be somewhere in the bottom tier, I went through the event giving it my best shot, but largely satisfied with my lot. The other models are amazing. I probably didn’t tell them that enough while we were working together, but they are. Coming in last against a field like that is no shame.

And oddly, enough, I didn’t.

When the dust settled, I was given a very respectible 4th place finish. I’m not sure why, frankly. It was a good look, and I was pleased with the final application materials. My three outfits worked as well as I could have hoped and I practiced to be able to hit the mark on that very long catwalk where the finale took place. I went in with the idea that, I might not win it, but it wasn’t going to be because I didn’t do the best I could. I was happy with my performance. The usual “What Would I Do Differently?” section isn’t going to be on this one, because I did exactly what I thought I needed to.

Oh, The Question: “As the only male model, what’s your strategy for winning this competition?”

My answer – weak in hindsight: “Work as hard as I can to try to do twice as good as any other model, and then throw myself on the mercy of the judges because this field is unbeatable.”

I’m not twice as good. I’m not half as good, I suspect. One of the realities of novice thinking is that novices always overestimate their knowledge and skill because their frame of reference is skewed to what they know — and they don’t know what they don’t know.

I have no illusions. In this game, I’m a novice.

The Results

8th: Angelsmiles Seetan
7th: Xenobia Foxclaw
6th: Arica Kaestner (Ms Photogenic)
5th: Arialee Miles
4th: Roland Zepp
3rd: Georgia Quicksand
2nd: Haidyn Inglewood
1st: Jillian Convair

So, I made it into the top half. I have no idea how or why. The dice rolled and I must have made a saving throw for charisma or something. It was a nice surprise.

I’m going to leave this post at that. I wrote what I wanted to about the experience yesterday, before the event, and tonight I’m tired.

I will close with a thank you to the judges for their effort, and another thank you to The Organizers. I’ve been critical — sometimes very critical — but they do an amazing job at running this enterprise. With multiple pageants, regular contests, periodic special events, they do an amazing job of keeping all the balls in the air, and a level of engagement in their community.

So, thank you to Anrol Anthony and Steve101 McCollough. Whatever else I may write about my experiences there, I will freely confess that I learned a lot in my time there and I applaud you for your energy and enthusiasm for doing what you do.


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  1. Great Job on the 4th place finish… What an experience that was for you .. now next time you can go out and win it ! Way to go !

  2. Thanks, Nevar.

    It was an amazing experience and I noticed a few more guys on the walk this time. I hope they get more active and participate in the contests. It really is a great way to refine one’s skills.

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