Pretty in Pink

Yes, I know. I said I was done with the contests and all, but how could I resist the opportunity to participate in such a manly opportunity as “Styling Pretty in Pink,” I mean really?

Yes. I re-upped for the next iteration of Hollywood Walk of Fame. I probably won’t work so hard on the nightly contests as I have been. Maybe one a week or so, because they really are a lot of fun when taken in moderation.


So, I didn’t have a pink suit. It’s not the most common of colors for men, but there are some out there. This happens to be Positano from Sartoria – and it was gray when I started.

The Results

I got two votes. The judge had a huge group of contestants to choose from tonight – one of the biggest fields I’ve seen. And all of them were, technically speaking, prettier than me. It was one of those contests I had no chance to win at so I went for the fun of it. After being in the “big pageant finale” yesterday, this was pretty low trauma. It didn’t hurt that I had it all in my inventory and just needed to combine a few pieces to make the outfit.

What Would I Do Different?
Shoes. The trainers were the right color but they were not the right shoes. I have few brown shoes — and my sandals weren’t cutting it either. I could have gone with the color change Chucks from HOC and made them pink, or black or something I suppose, but what that suit really needed was a pair of JCS medium brown boots.

Suit – Sartoria: Positano (gray but tinted pink)
Shoes- hoorenbeek: Converse trainers in beige/black
Glasses – primOptic – Crowe


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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  1. Arialle Dufaux

    Love your blog…love your writing style. Witty and intelligent! Keep it up!!

  2. Thanks, Arialle.

    I’ll keep pluggin’ away.

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