Night Gowns

As noted in a previous post, the theme for the evening was “Night Gowns.” Predictably, there was a last minute, unannounced change to “Night Gown or PJs.” Luckily I had already decided to wear my PJs and go anyway so I was prepared.

The idea was to go dressed ready to meet the lady wearing the night gown. Since the organizers changed it to include PJs, I didn’t need the fig leaf.

The first thing you’ll notice is that I look very different than normal. This look is based on Ivy Maverick’s “Intense” from Maverick Designs and the Belleza Johan skin. The hair and eyes are from MADesigns — Cruz in platinum blond and Naturals unbelievable blue. The outfit itself consists of a pair of XTC Black China Silk Pajamas and a pair of Shiny Things BoHo Sandals. I kept the accessories simple with Smooth Designs’ Snake Amulet and an ear stud textured to match. I was very excited about this look and thought that, if there were a woman judge, I might have a chance to place – theme or not.

As a side note and the reason I’m wearing a different shape, Maverick is having a “BEST LOOK” contest this month with upwards of 80,000L of prizes and the shape was available in the Just For Guys Hunt fedora so I was trying it out to see how I liked it. I’m working up an entry myself and wanted to test drive one of the Maverick shapes on stage to see how it was received. For more information, visit Maverick Designs.

The Results

I got my two votes. Three women in night gowns won. I picked the same three to win, so I was not surprised with the choices. I’d have changed the order a bit, but that’s pretty good considering I was picking from a field of twelve or so.

After the contest, I contacted the judge for some feedback and learned that one of the difficulties is that I’m so different. For a judge who knows how to rate female models – because she is one – knowing what to look for in males seems foreign. She assured me that I’d done well, but the comparison between a guy in his jammies and a woman in a negligee leaves the male on the shorter side of the equation. I had a respectable score, and I’m not complaining because I picked the same three. It was an interesting insight, and I’m grateful to the judge for telling me. It’s very useful information.

What Would I Do Different?

I think I’d have gotten a different pair of shoes. I’m not sure what, exactly, but guys are at a disadvantage in this kind of boudoir contest — pajamas aside — in that we’d be barefoot here. With the set-up the way it was, a guy wearing a pair of silk pajama bottoms and little else would be on that very short private runway between closet and bed. Typically, I wouldn’t put on a pair of shoes, even sandals or slippers. But going on stage barefoot isn’t a good idea. Go figure.

I might have gone darker. The Johan skin is made for blond hair, or at least auburn, but this might have been a hotter look if I’d gotten a dark hair – black or brown.

Pajama: XTC: China Silk Pajama (black)
Necklace: Smooth Designs: Snake Amulet

Shape: Maverick Designs: Intense
Skin: Belleza: Johan (sk)
Hair: MADesigns: Cruz (platinum blond)
Eyes: MADesigns: NATURALS – unbelievable blue


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