Sometimes there’s just no helping it and I can’t take it seriously. Tonight was one of those. The theme was “Styling Hawaii” and I don’t know about you, but nothing says “Hawaii” to me like a badly dressed tourist.


What makes a tourist outfit so horrible isn’t necessarily the things they wear so much as what they wear together. I’ve taken a nice SHIKI Aloha shirt and put it with a pair of purple plaid shorts. The shorts themselves aren’t that bad, but with the red, flowered shirt the effect is a bit blinding. Add a few cliche touches like the black socks with sandals, the oversized camera, and – of course – a lei. Viola! Hawaii.

The Result

Not too terribly surprising, I didn’t place. I don’t really care. I won this contest the last time we did it. I have no idea why I won it then, but I’ve got a pretty good idea why I didn’t win this one.

Everybody hates a tourist.

What Would I Do Differently?

Not a thing. My goal tonight was to just go out and get my two votes. Having won this before, I really had no urge to see if I could win it again. I just wanted to see how creative I could be by interpreting the theme in a way that avoided the cliche of grass skirt and hula. I did that.

Friday is Body Piercing. I wonder if I can find a copy of that “Between the Lines” fish hook prize from April’s Gone Fishing Hunt …

Shirt: SHIKI Aloha Red Hibiscus
Shorts: A-Bomb MHOH
Sandals: Shiny Things BoHo

Lei: Charmed: Long Plumeria
Camera: Tooter Claxton: Tootermat Camera
Watch: Bukka Lasta
Glasses: primOptic Crowe


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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