Pins and Needles

Tonight’s theme was Body Piercing. It’s a difficult theme to do because of all the parts and places you can pierce, and then have to make visible. I did well in this theme before so I was not expecting to place this time, particularly since I was using almost the exact same outfit, but it gave me a opportunity to take some chances.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I’m working on a Maverick Designs contest to create a Best Look using one of their shapes. I’ve selected Disorder as my base and that’s what I wore in the contest tonight with a Belleza Thomas Tan skin. It looked ok with the abbreviated beard, and I changed out my normal hair for a MADesigns hair called David 2. It’s a little more “swept back” than I usually wear, but it got out of the way of my piercings and I was able to fit it without a lot of trouble.

I was tired of the same old footwear tonight as well, so I got into my modeling gear and found the pair of Arcavim Sky Sailor boots from the Walk of Fame Final a couple weeks ago and used the color change feature on them to turn them black. I still needed to use the V-Twins “biker jacket” to show off the navel piercing but I put on a nice pair of blue jeans from Thalia to soften the dark edges a bit. Topped off with a :sey “edokin” necklace and a pair of V-Twin biker gloves and the look came together for me. Again.

The Results
A shocking second place finish.

I really wasn’t expecting to place, let alone do better this time than last. First and Third Places were great examples of body art and I really don’t consider myself in their class on this event, but I’ll take it.

What Would I Do Differently?

Go back and read this section for the last time I did it and then see if the advice still makes sense. I’m not sure it does, but it would have been a good idea to follow throuth with that.

Come up with something more formal or more interesting than a grubby biker dude. Lots of people have piercings.

Thalia 505 Jeans
V-Twin Biker Jacket (Black)
V-Twin Biker Gloves
Arcavim: Sky Sailor Boots

Necklace: sey “edokin”
Piercings: Roland Zepp
Tattoo: Atui Vintage Hawaiian (faded)
Shape: Maverick – Disorder
Skin: Belleza – Thomas Tan 3
Eyes: MADesigns EYES – ABYSS – atlantic sea
Hair: MADesigns – David 2


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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