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The prize package is up to 90,000L and while some of it is merch, some of it is cash and it’s a rich prize indeed.

I’ve been wrestling with this for most of the month and I think I’m ready to submit it. I’ve taken a bit more care with the look than I would on a regular styling competition because it’s worth a lot more in terms of prizes.

body_shots_A, originally uploaded by roland_zepp.

My strategy on this has been to find a look that’s not mean looking or dark. Almost all the prototypes available for male avis involve frowns, cigarettes, tattoos, and metal sprouting from places that, personally, I’d rather not incur the abrasion. Call me old fashioned.

So, with the rest of the possible continuum of male look and behavior to draw on, I chose to go with a look I’ll call “Prêt-à-Porter” or “Ready to wear.” Working out from the Maverick Design’s “Disorder” shape, I painted on a nice Mathieu Deep Tan skin from Belleza. I love the detail and definition on the Belleza skins and Mathieu represents some of the best of what the line has to offer. In spite of my wanting to avoid the dark, I went with the Deep Tan. It’s a nice color and the full beard is nicely trimmed to give a nicely sophisticated look. I was trying for the idea of “tickle her fancy” not “threaten her children.”

I picked MADesigns David 2 for the hair because it kept my face open. I have several hairs that hang down in my eyes, but this look needed a style that let me see out, and to be seen in return. I wanted something that was slightly retro, but still stylish and the MADesigns hair fit the look I had in mind perfectly. I stayed with MADesigns for the INNOCENCE eyes in emerald and peach to give the face a bit of color and I like the depth that comes from the highlights.

After that, it’s all about the clothing.

It’s not the newest thing on the rack, but the Sartoria Project is a collection of themed, casual outfits including pants, shirt, and jacket. These are each unique items and work terrifically as mix and match components. The jacket is superb and layering the jacket over your own pants and shirt combinations is a great way to extend and shape the look. I kept the look simple here, but a hot pair of jeans and a patterned tee-shirt under this jacket make a completely different feel. The possibilities are almost limitless.

I’ve wanted this pair of JCS Oslo Boots for a long time. This contest seemed like a good excuse to pick them up. Every man needs a pair of brown boots and these Oslo Boots have a richly textured brown leather with great details like x-stitching on the toes, a buckled strap across the arch, and even an elastic gore in the side. I want these boots in RL!

With the main look established, the next challenge was getting two photographs put together for the submission. They need to really show the Best Look in a way that says what the look means, but not necessarily the picture that might be on the vendor box. It’s rather a balancing act to find a way to present the look comprehensively, while at the same time, artistically.

The photo that accompanies this post is not one of the photos I included in my submission. For those, I went more for feel than content.

We’ll see if the chance pays off.


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I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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  1. This look is hot! Good luck–I hope it’s just what Ivy Maverick is looking for.

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