Casual Days

We all like the casual days. A good chance to retire the business attire and jump into the comfy clothes. Whether it’s a day out or a day in, casual is great, but it doesn’t have to mean sloppy. Tonight’s contest was Styling Casual, and after having to skip Friday’s Fishnet Stocking event (way to encourage more male participation there), I was happy to see an event that I could get into.

When I’m not on stage, or getting ready to go on stage, or writing up what happened when I was on stage, I like to kick back and relax in some of the bits and pieces that I’ve collected over the last few weeks.

Tonight I decided to wear the Marinesta Navy Parka that I got at the clothing fair along with the jeans that came with my Sartoria Sorrento suit. For footwear, I picked my new JCS Oslo boots in brown for the softer look.

To dress it up, I added a pirate skull necklace from Ripped, and my Bukka watch and iPod. Of course, to look cool, I needed my Crowe glassed from primOptic set to a medium dark.

Because the future’s so bright, you know I gotta wear shades.


I got my two votes. The judge picked some pretty casual looks and I can’t fault the choices tonight.

What Would I Do Differently?

The Shiny Things Bo Ho sandals are a bit more casual and might have gone better with, say, a pair of boardies rather than the long pants.

Less formal poses. Tonight’s outfit didn’t require them to be quite so stiff. I could have picked a few more playful ones.

Picked something a little more urban or current. Casual for me is just not casual for the grid. Call me old fashioned.

Marinesta – Navy Parka
Sartoria Sorrento Suit Pants
JCS – Oslo Brown

primOptic Crowe
Ripped Pirate Necklace
Bukka Watch
Bukka iPod Hibiki (coffee)
LeLutka Absolute Tan
MADesigns Emerald and Peach


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