Mardi Gras in July

The theme tonight is Mardi Gras. It seems like an odd time of year to be doing it, but why not? In Second Life, it’s whatever season you want …

We did this theme last March, and I used a real Mardi Gras Indian outfit without much success. Looking at it now, I understand why. I took my own advice from then and went with something less authentic and more stereotype, picking the piratey goodness of a Jeanne LaFitte look and – since it really only needs a mask to be Mardi Gras – added the great Columbia Veniza from Illusions, colored blue and gold to match.

I did not find a great pair of boots in my inventory. The outfit really called for a pair of SF Designs Slouch Boots and someday I’ll own a pair, but for the contest, I was too cheap to buy a pair. None of my other boots had the right feel but the Make Him Over Hunt treasures included the Wrap Boots from Frock You. They weren’t exactly piratey, but they had a kind of costume feel and they looked ok. Note to Frock You: the boot tops are No-Mod and there’s no resize script. Fitting them on my almost 8foot frame was impossible. I wound up having to turn them upside down to get them even close. Ultimately it worked.

The Results

I was shocked to be named in a tie for third.

It was a small field and I was more than a bit surprised that I tied for third place. Xenobia Foxclaw’s Lady Pirate costume was brilliantly executed and I was basically scraping thru my inventory.

What Would I Do Differently?

Boots. These were weak.

Poses. The prim tails on this coat made pose picking much more of a challenge than normal.

Different avatar. King Neptune would have been good. So would Bacchus.


Outfit: INDI – Jack (blue and gold)
Boots: Frock You – Wrapped Boots (black)
Mask: Illusions – Columbia Venezia

Skin: LeLutka – Absolute (tan)
Hair: – Ilias (coffee)
Eyes: MADesigns – INNOCENCE (emerald and peach)


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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