Dressed in White

Tonight’s contest is “Styling Lady/Male in White.” Overlooking the syntactical gender bias for the moment, the question is what kind of white? What kind of outfit would a guy wear that’s white? There’s the tropical white suit. There’s the idea of “tighty-whities and tees” … and then there’s this:

This outfit is Molto Bello from SF Designs and it’s available in white. Good whites are hard to find, because ultimately you need to put some other color with them to give them shading and structure. Swaffette Firefly did great work with Multo Bello and it’s available in several colors. I just happened to have the white one, and I think it looks smashing.

One of the challenges in styling white are the shoes. I have a pair of JCS Carl Perkins shoes in White, but they’re too casual for wearing with a tux. They might work ok with a tropical white suit, but the tux needed something else. I wound up with a pair of Tesla Men’s Oxfords in white. I’m still not happy with these. The outfit really needed something like a pair of spats with simple gray buttons on them. I searched for some, but had to make my own.

The skin is LeLutka Absolute in Suntan and I didn’t bother with prim hair under the hat. It would have just gotten in the way.

For accessories, I went with a red rose in the lapel for a splash of color, the simple diamond stud in my left ear, and a pair of SF Designs dress white gloves.

The Results

I got two votes.

I’m not even gonna try to analyze this one. One of the largest fields in recent memory. Simulator lag causing time dilation of .2 and .3. Walking was an exercise in futility and posing was a contact sport. It took almost three hours to do a one hour event.

What Would I Do Differently?

Dropped the spats, or made them shoes. Half way thru, I noticed that they shifted in unfortunate ways.

Gone with a less formal look. Perhaps a summery linen suit.


Suit: SF Design: Molto Bello (white)
Shoes: Tesla: Men’s Oxfords (white)
Gloves: SF Design: White Gloves

Earring and Spats: Roland Zepp
Boutonnierre: Essentia: Groomsman’s Buttoniere (red)

Skin: LeLutka Absolute (suntan)


About Roland

I'm just an oversized avatar in a silly virtual world.

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