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Jogging Suit

The theme for last night was “Jogging Suit.” At some point just before the event it was modified to “Joggng suit/Two-Piece Athletic Wear” for reasons that are a mystery. I happened to have a jogging suit so, the event was an easy prep.

The suit itself is from KO Design and is nicely textured and shaded, given that it’s black with a white stripe. Doing all black clothing is difficult to do well and kallyfaith Rolland did an excellent job on this on. I added my best trainers – Horenbeek’s Black and Beige cross trainers to finish out the main outfit.

The outfit needed some accessories so I added an aviator style watch from Aaron, my Bukka iPod, and a pair of primOptic Crowe sunglasses.

The Results

I got my two votes.

What Would I Do Different?

Matching shoes and outfit. The black and beige look ok to me, but all the winners had matching shoes.

The poses were a bit problematic. There were a few line breaks that were particularly obvious given the open jacket.

Jogging Suit: KO Design – Track Suit
Shoes: Horenbeek – Black and Beige Trainers
Glasses: primOptic – Crowe
Watch: Aaron – Aviator
iPod: Bukka – iPod Touch


Casual and Sophisticated

Once more we have a theme with no clear direction and a limited vernacular upon which to draw. The theme for the evening is “Casual and Sophisticated.” The difficulty here is that one person’s casual is another person’s business suit, one person’s sophisticated is another’s trampy bar fly. I went for what I thought was casual and sophisticated in a laid back outfit from Sartoria.

I like the casual nature of this outfit. It’s a little dressier than jeans and a tee shirt, but it has the level of sophistication that I wanted without being pretentious. The slacks, jacket, and shirt make up the components of Sartoria Project in Green. This is one of several color keyed outfits that Traveler Bade put together and I like the very sculptural feel of the jacket and the open collared look of the shirt. For shoes, I picked a pair of JCS Oslo Boots in a rich brown to go with the jacket. The outfit by itself needed a little help so I pulled on a pair of Role Optic Recon glasses and chose an informal style of hair — UW.St Hibiki in coffee brown.

The Results

Largely inscrutable. I got my two votes.

Don’t get me wrong. There was nothing wrong with any of the outfits. Taken as a whole, they shared almost no attributes in common that would let me generalize as to what the judge was looking for and I just have no idea why that collection of outfits was selected. It was, however, the judge’s call and with a limiting vernacular based on purely subjective criteria, this event was another of the “roll the dice and take your chances” events.

Luckily it didn’t cost me anything. I just worked with what I had in inventory.

What Would I Do Differently?

It’s possible that the judge interpreted the jacket as not casual enough, so going with an outfit of shirt and slacks might have worked better.

It’s also possible that by “sophisticated” the judge and I mean different things and I have no criteria upon which to base any kind of change since I’m unable to generalize from the examples provided.

It’s also possible, that it was just a crap shoot, and I rolled snake eyes.

Outfit: Sartoria – Sartoria Progect – green
Boots: JCS – Oslo brown
Glasses: Role Optic – Recon

Hair: – Hibiki
Skin: LeLutka – Absolute – tan

One Piece

The styling theme for last night was “One Piece Bathing Suit.” It’s a theme that doesn’t penalize men too badly because, when push comes to shove, all men’s suits are one piece. The challenge is what to wear with it.

I have several suits to choose from, but I really like the AlphaMale Swirls in blue. It has just enough pattern to be interesting, and great shading and wrinkles. On the top I put the SF Designs Toulon Linen Shirt, and on my feet, Shiny Things Boho Sandals. With an outfit so simple, I needed some accessories and I started with the primOptic Crowe aviator style glasses. I added some M.R.M. jewelry – the Planet Surfer Necklace (earth), and a couple of shell bracelets. A tanned skin from Belleza, and the Ilias hair from rounded out the ensemble.

I thought it did a good job showing off the suit without overwhelming it with a lot of ancillary accoutrements.

The Results

Two votes.

I kinda expected it. The judge was overworked and the field was pretty large. I have no beef with the three winners. They looked good and it’s hard to rate a guy in a swimsuit against gorgeous women in scanty dress, particularly for a male judge. A different judge might have picked different winners.

What Would I Do Different?

Picked a different suit. I have several and I’ve used this Swirls one a lot.

Skin. I need some new skin. This was tanned, but not “beach” tan. It could have been darker.

This wasn’t a theme I had a lot of chance in without an outside, female judge. Luck of the draw and the roll of the dice went against me. You can’t be lucky all the time.

Suit: AlphaMale – Swirls (blue)
Shirt: SF Designs – Toulon Linen Shirt
Sandals: Shiny Things – Boho Sandals (brown)

Glasses: primOptic – Crowe
Necklace: M.R.M. – Surfer Choker (Planets)
Bracelet: M.R.M. – White Shell Bracelet
Ankle: M.R.M. – White Shell Bracelet (resized for ankle)

Skin: Belleza – Thomas 0 – Deep tan
Hair: – Ilias
Eyes: BowerBird – Posiedon

Leaping Leopard

Tonight’s styling contest was one of those that sounds fair, but really isn’t. The theme was “Styling Leopard/Tiger Print Clothes.” It sounds like it would be fair. There’s lots of leopard and tiger print clothing. Yes, well. At the risk of offending those half dozen or so people out there who’ve actually made men’s clothing with animal print, let me just point out that — as with poses — where women have thousands of choices across a very broad spectrum of quality and look, men have a few dozen choices which rapidly reduces to a handful when you take out the purple leopard pimp suits, the unfinished bathing suits, and the no-mod underwear with the seam matching guides still on the bottom of the texture.

I found a couple of items that weren’t too bad, though, and I managed to put together a look.

The focal point for this outfit is the Bagor Bates Leopard Skin Jeans and Dell Battery’s DDD Leopard Heart Boots. The boots kinda grew on me, but I wish they’d been mod so I could adjust the color down a bit. The problem I ran into with styling this was that I really couldn’t put leopard on top without looking more contrived that it already was. A nice jacket and shirt would have been equally out of place. I went for the dirty biker look. And added the V-Twin biker jacket, gloves, tatts, and bandana. UncleWebs provided the long hair (Ilias coffee) and Belleza the tanned bearded skin (Mathieu 6). For accessories I added a knotted leather bracelet from Mustang Trading Post, Crowe glasses from primOptic, and the Ripped Pirate necklace. I liked that the necklace with the skull echoed the skull in the tattoo. Not a great tie in, but I thought it was a nice touch.

The Results

I was surprised but pleased to get a 3rd place finish.

What Would I Do Differently?

There are a couple of other relatively nice looking animal print items left out there to buy. A particularly nice waistcoat caught my eye, and it might have been the focus of a ‘riverboat gambler’ outfit. I also wondered if Avilon Hill might not have a leopard or tiger cloak that could work as a centerpiece for some medieval warlord style look. The problem with that is the expense. When we do this so often, and the top prize is less than the cost of a good suit, it makes it difficult to justify making those kinds of investments when the payoff is so low and so uncertain.


pants: bagor bates – Leopard skin jeans
boots: Dell Battery – Leopard Heart Boots
vest: V-twin – Biker Jacket
bandana: V-Twin – bandana black
gloves: V-twin – biker gloves
Tattoos: V-twin – Rush
Glasses: primOptic – Crowe
Necklace: Ripped – Pirate Necklace

skin: Belleza – Mathieu 6 deep tan
hair: – Ilias Coffee

Boys of Summer

Last night’s theme was “Summer Outfit” and while I know a lot of people think beachy thoughts and wide brimmed hats, I always think of the dusty brown smell of sandlot baseball.


The event really called for a new take on the idea of summer and by dressing up as a baseball fan, I think I really got what I was going for. The shirt is a gift from Atui from the Make Him Over Hunt and is a perfect jersey for wearing to a AAA game. I added a comfy pair of Elephant Outfitter Jeans, and the BeReal Canvas Shoe, also a hunt gift. The outfit really was inspired by the Billy Boston cap with hair from MADesigns and it served well as the focal point of the outfit as well as really establishing that slightly rough feel of a guy at the park enjoying the day and letting the game unfold. I kept accessories to a minimum with just a pair of Role Optic Recons and my own ear stud.


I was gratified with a second place win. It wasn’t the most glamorous look on the runway, but I did think it was pretty well executed and I hit my marks with some new poses to spice up the routine. The judge agreed.

What Would I Do Differently?

The jersey was good, but I couldn’t help but think that I might have found a better one. It’s hard to argue with Atui, but perhaps a team logo might have been better.

The jeans had just the right loose comfort fit that I wanted in the look so I wouldn’t change those, but perhaps a nicer pair of laceups — perhaps in a tall athletic shoe — might have worked out better as well.


Shirt: Atui – HIM Baseball Jersy (blue)
Pants: Elephant Outfitters – Classic Jeans
Shoes: BeReal – Fabric Sneakerz
Hat/Hair: MADesigns – Billy Boston
Glasses: Role Optic – Recon
Skin: LeLutka – Absolute tan

Master of the Mansion

Tonight’s contest was “Styling Playboy Bunny” up to about an hour before the actual event, when it got changed to “Playboy/Playboy Bunny.” I had already chosen the outfit for the night based on Playboy Bunny, so I was able to keep it and not have to scramble at the last minute.


We’d done this theme before, and there was really only one choice then. Changing the theme to “Playboy” in the generic but keeping “Playboy Bunny” created many more problems but I avoided them by just re-visiting my earlier impression of the only buck hare in the hutch — Hugh Hefner.

The outfit is basically the same — Smoking Jacket from Oak Outdoor Outfitters, and Black Dress Slacks from AlphaMale. On my feet I wore a pair of Kung Fu slippers. They had the right texture and color.

My body has evolved some since then but the big changes were in hair — MADesigns, Brad — and skin. I changed from the LeLutka Pale to a Belleza Johan. I liked the facial features better for this. It didn’t really have the same kind of pale he-only-comes-out-at-night look that Hefner seems to have, but it had a bit of the smile around the eyes.

For accessories, I went with a simple pair of glasses in an aviator style he sometimes wore and a pipe. I had to make a bunny logo for the smoking jacket, but it was easy enough to add.

I’m not sure if it was a mercy vote after the fiasco on Monday, or if I actually earned it, but I got third place.


I’ll take it. And I appreciate the effort to try to make the themes at least appear fair.

What Would I Do Differently?

The problem with making this “Playboy/Playboy Bunny” is that there are a lot of ways to style “playboy” that do not involve Hefner or the brand. There is no way to style “playboy bunny” without involving the brand, so from a judge’s standpoint, the theme sets up an unfortunate dichotomy. There’s no way that a man could go onto that stage dressed as James Bond, for example. It’s certainly true that he’s probably the archetype for playboys — it was his cover afterall — but when coupled with the Bunny, it’s just not in the same thing. It would, and should, be voted down as “not in theme.” While on the surface this theme makes it possible for men to enter, being able to place in it, is really restricting men to “Who can be the best Hef” …

Which is where I come up against it. Trying to redo Hefner a third (or fourth, or fifth) time without some very serious rethinking, perhaps about what time of his life or point in his career, there’s nothing really *different* a man can do with this theme.

Tonight, the judge was not looking for best representation of a Playboy Bunny, or even the most stylish use of the Playboy logo. That’s not to take anything away from the other winners. The judge interpreted the theme in a way that made us the top three. Another judge another night might be looking for something different. A great deal of the judging is dependent on the judge’s understanding of what the theme represents and how they interpret that understanding. I’m glad they picked me, but I have no idea why. Without knowing why, it’s terribly difficult to assess what might be more effective in a contest of such limited scope.

So, what would I do different? Chalk it up to just another theme I can’t compete in and skip it.

Skin: Belleza : Johan (sk)
Hair: MADesigns : Brad
Eyes: Bower Bird : Chestnut

Top: Oak Outdoor Outfitters : Smoking Jacket
Pants: AlphaMale : Dress Pants (black)

Glasses: primOptic : Crowe
Pipe: Roland Zepp

Not Tonight

There was a contest tonight. I participated.

Normally in this space I would talk about what I did, why I did it, how it worked out, and what I’d do differently. Along the way I’d say where the goods came from, how they worked, what I thought about it.

Unfortunately the experience this evening was so egregiously unpleasant — from the flippant comments suggesting gang rape from one of the models backstage, to the organizer not even taking my name down to participate except as an after thought, and then the awards presented for best “Styling Provocative Gown” — that I’m afraid I can’t be particularly objective in my commentary.

In the classic movie “Bambi,” Thumper is called on the carpet by his mother for speaking ill of someone and she asks him what his father had told him. He replied:

“If you can’t say something nice, then don’t say nothin’ at all.”

So that’s what I’ll say.

UPDATE: I have corrected the text above to reflect the reality more accurately. I would further like to add my thanks to those who have offered their ongoing support and sympathy for an unfortunate situation. I do have a lot of very adamant supporters in the model corps. I am blessed in that regard.

South Beach

The styling contest tonight was “cut off jeans.” This wasn’t my favorite contest last time, but I’ve been keeping my eyes open over the last couple of weeks and I spotted this outfit at Mimi’s Choice for Gentlemen’s store.

cutoff_august, originally uploaded by roland_zepp.

I went back and took my own advice about this event from the last time around and I added a few things — like “have an idea to build the style around.” In this case it was inspired by this light an breezy tropical look from SF Designs – the bleached cutoffs and toulon linen shirt. My first thought was “Riviera” but the bold open styling made me shift to a trendier and perhaps more bohemian Miami’s “South Beach.”

From that mental picture it was a short trip to Maverick Design’s Disorder Shape (slightly modded for upper lip and hands), Belleza’s Dark Tan Mathieu 6 skin, and a cropped mop from, Hibiki in Coffee. I tossed on a pair of BoHo sandals from Shiny Things and my favorite primOptic Crowe glasses set just a bit opaque. A kitschy necklace of hardware parts – Goth1c0’s Covent necklace, and a single earstud set to ruby red.

The outfit was really the inspiration and after that the rest fell into place.

The Results
A very surprising second place finish:

It was a small field and the judge had his hands full.

What Would I Do Differently?

I need to invest in another pair of sandals.

My accessories list is very limited. That needs to change. The Covent necklace from Goth1c0 was from a recent hunt, I need more accessories.

Poses, poses, poses. This has been my mantra lately. I’ve started stealing women’s poses to try to get some variation in my routines.

Outfit: SF Designs – Bleached cutoffs and toulon linen shirt
Shoes: Shiny Things – BoHo sandals (brown)
Necklace: Goth1c0 – Covent
Ear ring: Roland Zepp – Color Change Ear Stud
Glasses: primOptica – Crowe

Shape: Maverick Design – Disorder
Skin: Belleza – Mathieu 6 (dark tan)
Hair: – Hibiki (coffee)
Eyes: Maverick Design – Intense light blue


The finals for the Maverick Designs “Best Look” Contest were this afternoon. I’ve been looking forward to them all month. I wrote up my look and why I picked previously and also dissected the shape on in comparison to my own normal shape, so I won’t spend a lot of time on it here. In case you’ve forgotten, this was the look:

The field was very large for women with over 20 contestants, and while the men’s field wasn’t quite so large, the competition there was fierce. The region had serious challenges dealing with the load placed on it, but it didn’t actually crash. It made it very difficult to do simple things, like walk, but the 30 odd contestants all did their best.

I’ll cut to the chase, in case you haven’t guessed by now. I won the first place for men’s look. I’d like thank Ivy Maverick and the other judges for the hard work and dedication it took to actually watch all the contestants struggling with the lag, and then grade them. It was a long contest, spanning close to three hours, but it was a great deal of fun – and I confess that I have really been inspired by this foray into shape design.

I’m looking forward to perhaps working with Maverick in the future to create new looks and even new designs.