One Piece

The styling theme for last night was “One Piece Bathing Suit.” It’s a theme that doesn’t penalize men too badly because, when push comes to shove, all men’s suits are one piece. The challenge is what to wear with it.

I have several suits to choose from, but I really like the AlphaMale Swirls in blue. It has just enough pattern to be interesting, and great shading and wrinkles. On the top I put the SF Designs Toulon Linen Shirt, and on my feet, Shiny Things Boho Sandals. With an outfit so simple, I needed some accessories and I started with the primOptic Crowe aviator style glasses. I added some M.R.M. jewelry – the Planet Surfer Necklace (earth), and a couple of shell bracelets. A tanned skin from Belleza, and the Ilias hair from rounded out the ensemble.

I thought it did a good job showing off the suit without overwhelming it with a lot of ancillary accoutrements.

The Results

Two votes.

I kinda expected it. The judge was overworked and the field was pretty large. I have no beef with the three winners. They looked good and it’s hard to rate a guy in a swimsuit against gorgeous women in scanty dress, particularly for a male judge. A different judge might have picked different winners.

What Would I Do Different?

Picked a different suit. I have several and I’ve used this Swirls one a lot.

Skin. I need some new skin. This was tanned, but not “beach” tan. It could have been darker.

This wasn’t a theme I had a lot of chance in without an outside, female judge. Luck of the draw and the roll of the dice went against me. You can’t be lucky all the time.

Suit: AlphaMale – Swirls (blue)
Shirt: SF Designs – Toulon Linen Shirt
Sandals: Shiny Things – Boho Sandals (brown)

Glasses: primOptic – Crowe
Necklace: M.R.M. – Surfer Choker (Planets)
Bracelet: M.R.M. – White Shell Bracelet
Ankle: M.R.M. – White Shell Bracelet (resized for ankle)

Skin: Belleza – Thomas 0 – Deep tan
Hair: – Ilias
Eyes: BowerBird – Posiedon


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