Casual and Sophisticated

Once more we have a theme with no clear direction and a limited vernacular upon which to draw. The theme for the evening is “Casual and Sophisticated.” The difficulty here is that one person’s casual is another person’s business suit, one person’s sophisticated is another’s trampy bar fly. I went for what I thought was casual and sophisticated in a laid back outfit from Sartoria.

I like the casual nature of this outfit. It’s a little dressier than jeans and a tee shirt, but it has the level of sophistication that I wanted without being pretentious. The slacks, jacket, and shirt make up the components of Sartoria Project in Green. This is one of several color keyed outfits that Traveler Bade put together and I like the very sculptural feel of the jacket and the open collared look of the shirt. For shoes, I picked a pair of JCS Oslo Boots in a rich brown to go with the jacket. The outfit by itself needed a little help so I pulled on a pair of Role Optic Recon glasses and chose an informal style of hair — UW.St Hibiki in coffee brown.

The Results

Largely inscrutable. I got my two votes.

Don’t get me wrong. There was nothing wrong with any of the outfits. Taken as a whole, they shared almost no attributes in common that would let me generalize as to what the judge was looking for and I just have no idea why that collection of outfits was selected. It was, however, the judge’s call and with a limiting vernacular based on purely subjective criteria, this event was another of the “roll the dice and take your chances” events.

Luckily it didn’t cost me anything. I just worked with what I had in inventory.

What Would I Do Differently?

It’s possible that the judge interpreted the jacket as not casual enough, so going with an outfit of shirt and slacks might have worked better.

It’s also possible that by “sophisticated” the judge and I mean different things and I have no criteria upon which to base any kind of change since I’m unable to generalize from the examples provided.

It’s also possible, that it was just a crap shoot, and I rolled snake eyes.

Outfit: Sartoria – Sartoria Progect – green
Boots: JCS – Oslo brown
Glasses: Role Optic – Recon

Hair: – Hibiki
Skin: LeLutka – Absolute – tan


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