New From Simone!

One of the names we don’t hear often enough when talking about men’s clothing is Simone! She’s had a nice section in her Style Starts Here store for men’s casual and sports wear for quite some time. She’s also had a few formal pieces tucked away in a secret location behind her bridal shop, but she’s gotten a few of the newer men’s pieces out now and I scored a couple of pieces.


I’ve been looking for something a little different lately and this falls into that category. I love the texture of this with the navy blue and a faint pinstriping. The fabric has a sheen to it and the styling is impeccable. I paired it with the Barbie White Vest and Pink Tie combo for a very snazzy business look that’s a step up from the Same-Ole-Suit.

The last time I looked (Saturday night) the shop had a collection of shirts and vests, and this suit broken down into separates as well. Like the jacket but not the slacks? No problem. Simone! was also showing a more formal suit with tails, also broken down into separates to mix and match. She was in the store while I was visiting and made the comment “I’ve got a LOT more to put out,” so I’m kinda anxious to go back and see what she might have added since. The design is crystal clear and beautifully executed and the color selections are just plain fun. I couldn’t afford to get them all, but I did get another one of the suits. It may become my favorite just because it’s such a fun color to wear.


Suit: His by Simone! Suit – Navy
Suit: His by Simone! Suit – Pink
Vest: His by Simone! Shirt & Vest Combo – Barbie White

Shoes: SF Design: Laced Dress Shoe (color change)

Shape: Maverick: Disorder
Hair: JinII (coffee)
Skin: Belleza: Mathieu 6 (Deep Tan)

SF Designs
Maverick Designs
Uncle Webs Studio


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