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A Fitting Print

A few weeks back I was in a show featuring some of Simone’s fashions and I wrote about one of the outfits. Before that show I was poking around over there and found this smashing print.

It’s not often one finds a nice print for men – we of the testosterone poisoned tend to be drawn to simple patterns, bold colors, and inappropriate humor – but this one struck my fancy enough to buy and I’m glad I did. I forgot about it until yesterday when I found that Simone had dropped a pair of her new men’s trousers into Simone’s Design Group as a gift. I don’t usually wear brown and blue together, but in this case, I think they go well together. As with all the clothing I’ve gotten from Simone, they come on variety of layers, giving wonderful flexibility in wearing them in mix-n-match combination.

Shirt: Style Starts Here – Print Shirt (tan)
Pants: His by Simone! – Blue Slacks

Shoes: JCS – Oslo Boots (Brown)

Shape: Maverick Designs – Disorder (slightly modified)
Skin: Belleza – Mathieu 6 (tan)
Hair: UW. St – Hibiki (coffee)



New From Simone!

One of the names we don’t hear often enough when talking about men’s clothing is Simone! She’s had a nice section in her Style Starts Here store for men’s casual and sports wear for quite some time. She’s also had a few formal pieces tucked away in a secret location behind her bridal shop, but she’s gotten a few of the newer men’s pieces out now and I scored a couple of pieces.


I’ve been looking for something a little different lately and this falls into that category. I love the texture of this with the navy blue and a faint pinstriping. The fabric has a sheen to it and the styling is impeccable. I paired it with the Barbie White Vest and Pink Tie combo for a very snazzy business look that’s a step up from the Same-Ole-Suit.

The last time I looked (Saturday night) the shop had a collection of shirts and vests, and this suit broken down into separates as well. Like the jacket but not the slacks? No problem. Simone! was also showing a more formal suit with tails, also broken down into separates to mix and match. She was in the store while I was visiting and made the comment “I’ve got a LOT more to put out,” so I’m kinda anxious to go back and see what she might have added since. The design is crystal clear and beautifully executed and the color selections are just plain fun. I couldn’t afford to get them all, but I did get another one of the suits. It may become my favorite just because it’s such a fun color to wear.


Suit: His by Simone! Suit – Navy
Suit: His by Simone! Suit – Pink
Vest: His by Simone! Shirt & Vest Combo – Barbie White

Shoes: SF Design: Laced Dress Shoe (color change)

Shape: Maverick: Disorder
Hair: JinII (coffee)
Skin: Belleza: Mathieu 6 (Deep Tan)

SF Designs
Maverick Designs
Uncle Webs Studio

Tomcattin’ Around

This weekend is another Relay for Life event and it’s shaping up to be a good one. I had a chance to talk with Wiccan Sojourner last week and she gave me this outfit to try out and see what I thought. Let me just point out that I’m not now, nor have I ever been a neko, and I’m not normally what one might call a “tom cat” but this outfit is pretty darn cool

TomCatitude from Bewitched

Everything in this photo is included in the package, except for shape, skin, and eyes. Hair, ears, tail — all of that is included.

The richness of the detail work is amazing. I’ve long appreciated BeWitched styles, attention to detail, and the absolute fearlessness in approaching everything from kitchy costumes to ritual garb, from formal to fetish, from gown to lingerie. Wiccan has done pretty much all of it at one point or another in her long career as a designer in SL.

TomCatitude Belt & Knife This belt and thigh knife are great examples of Wiccan’s mastery of prim accessory and set this piece up to be much more than just another “torn up top and jean” set.

The boots are very nicely detailed with laces and textures as well.
TomCattitude Boots

The outfit even includes the tattoos.
TomCatitude Tattoos

This version is only one of several available — for both men and women — and is one of the newest items at BeWitched. When you’re out at the Relay For Life Memorial Day Marathon, make sure to stop by the store and take a look at this and all the other great outfits you’ll find there.


Anybody who’s ever seen a gladiator movie has seen those letters. They’re the abbreviation for “Senatus Populusque Romanus” – The Senate and People of Rome. We’ve seen a ton of togas around the Grid but Caliber has something that’s a little less formal.


I really like the textures used on the tunic. It has a great nubbly feel to it that isn’t done justice in the picture and the pattern on the trim is very nicely done. The bracers add a nice finishing touch.

In honesty, I have to say, the other various prim attachments that came with this outfit gave me grief. The package includes a belt (pictured) and a shoulder cape (not). I couldn’t make the belt fit comfortably. It tended to shift in odd ways as my AO shifted my stand. I suspect it might have been the attachment point but I didn’t experiment with it. It also felt a little heavy for the tunic, but that might have been me. And in defense of this designer’s work, I have a problem with pretty much every prim belt I’ve ever worn, so this could well be an issue with me and not the outfit. It looks pretty good in the photos.

The shoulder cape, I just couldn’t figure out how to work it. No matter how I stood or where I put it, the flexi part of the cape draped oddly and my arm was always sticking thru it. Ultimately, I decided to leave it off for this shoot. My not-so-mad Prim-Adjustment Skillz just weren’t up to dealing with it and I thought the tunic looked better without it than it looked with my half-baked attempts to adjust it.

This is only e pluribus unum of the great outfits you’ll find at the grand re-opening of Caliber this weekend. Whatever time period you’re into, you’ll find something to suit your taste.

Tomorrow, pictures of the store and landscaping. The place is amazingly! I only hope I can do it justice.

Beyond Freebie

Trollng through endless freebies gets you only so far, and after a while, I got tired of throwing away the same old stuff. That’s the point where I threw $10USD into my free account and began thinking about my first look.

The Task: Get out of Newbie Land

I wanted a decent skin, shape, hair, eyes, and at least one good outfit. Freebies are great for filling in the missing pieces, but there’s something to be said for having at least one great look you can wear around the Main Grid.

The Budget: $1000L

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