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New From Simone!

One of the names we don’t hear often enough when talking about men’s clothing is Simone! She’s had a nice section in her Style Starts Here store for men’s casual and sports wear for quite some time. She’s also had a few formal pieces tucked away in a secret location behind her bridal shop, but she’s gotten a few of the newer men’s pieces out now and I scored a couple of pieces.


I’ve been looking for something a little different lately and this falls into that category. I love the texture of this with the navy blue and a faint pinstriping. The fabric has a sheen to it and the styling is impeccable. I paired it with the Barbie White Vest and Pink Tie combo for a very snazzy business look that’s a step up from the Same-Ole-Suit.

The last time I looked (Saturday night) the shop had a collection of shirts and vests, and this suit broken down into separates as well. Like the jacket but not the slacks? No problem. Simone! was also showing a more formal suit with tails, also broken down into separates to mix and match. She was in the store while I was visiting and made the comment “I’ve got a LOT more to put out,” so I’m kinda anxious to go back and see what she might have added since. The design is crystal clear and beautifully executed and the color selections are just plain fun. I couldn’t afford to get them all, but I did get another one of the suits. It may become my favorite just because it’s such a fun color to wear.


Suit: His by Simone! Suit – Navy
Suit: His by Simone! Suit – Pink
Vest: His by Simone! Shirt & Vest Combo – Barbie White

Shoes: SF Design: Laced Dress Shoe (color change)

Shape: Maverick: Disorder
Hair: JinII (coffee)
Skin: Belleza: Mathieu 6 (Deep Tan)

SF Designs
Maverick Designs
Uncle Webs Studio


Oh, Simone!

Eclectic Visions had their inaugural show Sunday. There were some scheduling issues which postponed the opening from Saturday to Sunday, but all told, it seemed to be a success. The show itself was a modest foray for a new ideal in fashion shows. Most fashion shows have models parading onto the stage, with an announcer who may describe the outfit, but the process is very structured and intended to mimic – at least in spirit – what happens on the runways in Milan, Paris, and New York. In those shows, the designer has creative control of the show in every aspect from model choice to music to stage. In SL that level of control is seldom afforded to the designers.

At Eclectic Visions, the staff researched how the designer — in this show, Simone Stern of Simone! and Style Starts Here — wanted to see her clothing displayed. Simone had very specific stipulations which the staff at EV tried very hard to follow. More over, our goal was not to “show the clothes” but the “sell the clothes.” It does nothing for a designer to have a bunch of people look at clothes they’ll never buy. The goal of EV’s show was to provide a channel between designer and buyer by giving potential buyers the opportunity to see more than just a static picture on the wall.

Several things set this show apart from other shows that I’ve attended. One was that the models came down off the stage and circulated through the audience, talking to the visitors and answering questions about the outfits. It became less a “fashion show” and more a “garden party” as conversations about the outfits involved the designer, the models, and the guests. The stage and seating layouts provided two separate areas for the models to work. As each pair of models brought out an outfit, they’d separate and each visit with half the audience before swapping sides so that each area had as much as two or three minutes with every outfit. Each model used that time to talk to the guests, promote the outfit, and answer any questions the guests may have had.

Originally the show was going to be a “Ladies Only” show, but at the last minute, Simone added an outfit for me to wear and I got to participate as well.


These two separates are the Casual Striped Shirt and Baggy Jeans – both from Simone’s casual and sports clothing line – Style Starts Here. Both of these items come in multiple layers and are available in multiple colors. The shirt comes with jacket, shirt, undershirt, pants and underpants layers so that you can wear it tucked or un-tucked and even under a jacket if you want. At 125L, this is a huge bargain. The jeans come in pants and underwear layers as well as a collection of colors including black, red, tan, gray, and brown as well as blue. Again, at 150L this is a wonderful value. I really like these jeans and shirt.

I had a chance to look around Style Starts Here and while the menswear section is a lot smaller than the ladieswear, it’s very well provisioned with shirts, slacks, jeans, and other stylish casual and sports clothes. While I was there I found a couple of pieces that I wanted and got a very snazzy pair of “Russian Jeans” and a “Print Shirt” to go with it. Again, both items came with multiple layers and were available in multple colors at exceptionally reasonable prices. For Mix-and-Match people like me, having access to the multiple layers means I’ve got a lot of new shirts and jeans to wear with my collection of jackets.

After the show, the models came out from back stage and held an impromptu party with the guests which lasted for a couple of hours as we tried out various toys and gizmoes, and talked about fashion, modeling, and building. All told, we had a ball and we sold some clothing. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

Thank you, Simone!

Shirt: Style Starts Here – Casual Striped Shirt – blue (125L for 5 layers)
Pants: Style Starts Here – Baggy Jeans – blue (150L for 2 layers)

Shoes: BeReal – Fabric Sneakerz
Hair: MADesigns – Akami – brown
Skin: LeLutka – Absolute – pale
Eyes: MADesigns – Abyss – Atlantic Sea

Movie Star Contest

The call went out early in the day for the evening contest.

Styling youself [sic] to look like a movie Star Theme. This contest is for male and female, Be fabulous with your outfit and Style how ever you wanted and be creative. ”

After my first experience with these contests (“Updo’s”), this seemed much more like something a male could participate in. I spent the day thinking about what kinds of things would make me look like a “movie star.”

First thing, clothing! I’d seen a bit of the Oscars but didn’t really see a tuxedo as being something quintissentially “movie star.” I needed advise so I headed to Mimi’s Choice for Men. Alun Dudeck suggested a tux but I really had my eye on the new Sartoria suits. I was thinking something between “Cary Grant” and “Johnny Depp” in terms of style and there were two new Sartoria Suits there.

I went with the S193 SARTORIA PROJECT OUTFIT in green. It’s really the pants that are green. The coat is a very deep brown and the shirt is a rich chocolate color. The details are very nice and even the prim collar works.

Sartoria Project

Next, Accessories! Movie star == Sun Glasses! “Who’s that behind those Foster ..?” well you get the idea. Primoptica has some great glasses and good customer service too. I went with a new offering in the store – Crowe. As in “Russell” I’m assuming.

Crowe from Primoptica

But what sets a movie star apart from, say, any other fashionably dressed young man? Tools of the trade! I made a copy of the current issue of Variety and tucked that under my arm. How else would I find out about casting calls and the latest projects?


The judge for the evening was the recent winner of the Hollywood Walk of Fame Pageant – Peach Jarvinen. That struck me as odd. I guess it’s not really a conflict of interest except that the people on stage were being judged by one of their friends. Many of the contestants there had been on stage in the final with Peach on Sunday afternoon. I wondered how she’d be able to separate herself from that.

The contest went off smoothly, although the lag in that venue is horrendous, even when there’s nobody there. Adding an audience just multiplies it. I thought things were going well until the final curtain call went out and we were told to come to the front and announce which movie star we were dressed like and we’d be judged on how well we represented that star.

Which star!?!?

While several of the models were dressed as Marilyn, few of the others were dressed as a *particular* star and several of the participants had the same shocked reaction that I did. I looked at me and decided I looked more like Hugh Grant than Cary Grant and so that was what I picked.

It didn’t matter. Peach made a statement about how lovely all the ladies looked and how difficult the choice had been. It was obvious that she wasn’t considering me at all, so the results weren’t all that surprising.

I got my two votes out of it.

And I learned some lessons about the contests.

Skin: Redgrave – Emil 3 Pale Skin 01
Hair: Armidi – The Poynter Midnight II
Eyes: E’s – Gleaming: Forest Green
Shape: Roland Zepp

Shoes: JCS – Shanghai Black and Red
Glasses: Primoptica – Crowe

Casual Look

Having gotten an initial look, one that’s arguably a bit formal, I decided I wanted a second outfit that I could change into, something for those “kick back and have fun” days. Ideally, I wanted separates that I could mix and match with my tweed suit. With only $300L to spend, I was pretty sure I’d end up with just pants and shirt. WIth those criteria, I headed off in search.

The Task

Get a second – more casual – outfit.

The Budget

$300L for a great shirt and jeans.

The Shirt

There are a lot of shirts — pullovers, layers, prim collars and cuffs. It’s boggling. I wanted something “fun” and a little different, maybe a classic bowling shirt or a Hawaiian. roland_casual_hib_untuckedThat reminded me of Ryan’s “Getting Wet” post and I headed over to SHIKI to look for the flower patterns. I found them on the second floor and fell in love with the Hibiscus pattern. Going by the image on the vendor, I figured it for a jacket layer and was very pleasantly surprised to find that it came with a shirt layer as well for $165L. That was more than half my budget but it was so worth it to get a great piece like this.

The Jeans

It seems like everybody does jeans but it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart from the freebie jeans. After about an hour of rummaging through “men’s fashion jeans” in Search (I *hate* waiting for the rez), I went to The Authority and found Blink Pinion’s post on “Jeans: The Right Fit”. roland_casual_jeans_eoMost of those listed were out of my price range, but the Elephant Outfitter’s “Classic Elephant” jeans looked interesting. They’ve got just the right amount of detail, have a nice distinctive look, and I liked the color choices. With my new hibiscus shirt, they looked really good with the shirt tucked or not. There were two problems, however. The most obvious is price. At $145L, it takes my total to $310L. The second problem was less obvious but showed up when I tried on some of my “freebie filler” items.

roland_casual_jeans_eo_oopsThe bare-midriff look might be charming on young ladies, but on men? Not so much. The SHIKI shirt works around this nicely by providing a pair of textured underwear that fills in the missing inches of shirt and matches the jacket layer exactly. Normal shirts, freebie t’s, and the like? Hardly.

So, back on the hunt and I found ZB Men’s Clothing with some really decent looking clothes and their ZB Waterfall Jeans. roland_casual_jeans_wfall_tuckedThese come in a variety of configurations aimed, not doubt, at the “pants down crowd” from the “Young Urban League of Ordinary Gentlemen” but the also have a more traditional “yes, I wear my pants pulled up, thank you” look. The bonus in this pack is that ZB provides two pairs of jeans — a tucked-in look (pictured right) that works with the standard shirt, and an “untucked” look with a lower waistband for the “untucked” look that works very well. At $100L, this pair of jeans was just what I was looking for. While the look may not be quite as detailed as the EO pair, the combination of SHIKI Hibiscus and ZB Waterfall Jeans comes in at $265L, well under my $300L budget.

Of course, the downside is that I bought the Elephant Outfitter jeans because I was willing to go over budget to get such a great looking pair of jeans and so I’m actually $110L over budget for this post. I’ve got some nice jeans, though, and I learned a lot about pants in SL.

The Goods

In other news, you may have noted a change in my basic look. There’s a new post coming on that, but I wanted to get this information out before I forgot how it all went down.

Beyond Freebie

Trollng through endless freebies gets you only so far, and after a while, I got tired of throwing away the same old stuff. That’s the point where I threw $10USD into my free account and began thinking about my first look.

The Task: Get out of Newbie Land

I wanted a decent skin, shape, hair, eyes, and at least one good outfit. Freebies are great for filling in the missing pieces, but there’s something to be said for having at least one great look you can wear around the Main Grid.

The Budget: $1000L

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