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Clothing Fair 2010

Clothing Fair 2010, originally uploaded by Nevar Lobo.

It’s coming.

Barely two weeks away.

It’s gonna be bigger than last year.

I can hardly wait!


Relay For Life 2009

This morning I got a chance to visit the 2009 Relay for Life build. This place is made of titanium Awesome. I wish I had more time to visit and take pictures but my RL day is already clamoring at the door, so I’m going to put up the post now and hope I get a chance to visit more — and get some more snaps — later.

One of the genres that I’m a huge fan of is Steampunk and Team Caledon steamed my creases with this glorious installation.

Then I headed down the road only to find a wonderful faerie woodland. It’s a gorgeous bit of building but if there was a team sign there, it didn’t rez for me while I was there.

On the other side of the wood, the New Babbage Team just amped up the steam-powered goodness with this installation featuring a zeppelin mooring station, a ferris wheel, and a steam powered globe. The globe tickled me because every good steampunker knows that the world is powered by steam and this was the perfect metaphor for that.

I’d love to show you more, but I’m out of time for today. Let me close with a plea for you – whoever you are and where ever you are reading this from — visit this place this weekend. Give if you can. There are lots of ways you can contribute any time during the July 18-19th weekend. Find an installation you admire and donate there.

You can also “buy” one of the luminaria that line the walkway. Any of the white ones are open. When you buy it, it turns color and your name will appear above it. This is a great way for everybody to own a piece of the cure. If we all give just a little bit, there’s enough of us to make a huge difference when we all contribute together.

The opening ceremony is set for noon SLT on July 18th and the official walk portion will run though noon on the 19th. There will be events all weekend long, and you’ve got plenty of time to get your avis down there to see, to help, and to just be part of this amazing effort. And if you can’t be there, all the official ceremonies will be broadcast live over the Official Relay For Life Radio Stream – T1Radio.

For more information about special events, background, and schedule, visit the site and grab the notecards from the various info givers available.

One World, One Hope.


Fashion Expo 2009

I’m a derelict! After posting about the Expo starting up this week, my schedule has kept me too busy to visit it. I grabbed a few minutes this morning to find out what I’m missing. Turns out, I’m missing a lot.

We’re off to see the wizard!


The theme for this expo is – as you might be able to tell from the Yellow Brick Road here – the Wizard of Oz. The shops are nicely done and laid out in an accessible pattern.


With four sims worth of shopping, I’m a bit upset that I wasn’t more on the ball. I’m not sure I can even see everything between now and the close of the Expo on Sunday, but I’m sure going to try. The organizers have provided a teleport board that serves as an index to the vendors as well as cutting down on walk/fly time.


With over fifty designers scttered across four regions, the only remaining question is, “Where to begin?”

Relay for Life Events

Nevar Lobo has passed me these two upcoming events in support of the American Cancer Society.

The Fashion Expo is coming up next Monday and runs through the following Sunday. For updates and more information, you can find them on the web. It looks like it could be a blast and I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to get in a do a little preview work to give you a better feel for it as we get closer.

Following closely on that we have:

This looks like a blast. I’m thinking of it as a Fashion Event for the non-Humans on the grid because — you know — fighting cancer is important to everybody regardless of morphology. You can find out more about this event by visiting them on their blog.

The Fantasy Faire will kick off the day after the Fashion Expo closes so the next couple of weeks are shaping up to be really exciting.

Stay tuned for further developments!


If you’re like me, when you go to a shop, you just look in the store and seldom actually explore the region. With the Memorial Day Marathon right around the corner, I thought you all should see what else is in this peaceful and scenic region.

The central plaza is dominated with this scripted “Mother Nature” figure. She’s really lovely and will talk with you.

This impressive dragon guards the entry to the store. His head swivels to follow your movement in a most disconcerting way. I’m reminded of the old adage:

Do not interfere in the affairs of dragons
for you are crunchy
and taste good with mustard.

He seems harmless enough, but still…

Speaking of guardians, there’s a Troll Bridge leading to the neighboring region. Complete with Troll. I didn’t find an “exact change” lane or the “troll booth” but this was a nice bit of whimsy.

The region is lovely and rich with things to see and do. For the fishing fans, there’s a fishing hole. I have it on good authority that there’s a custom prize lurking in the depths here. It may not be there much longer, but you never know.

There are eight – count ’em – eight(!) lucky chairs in the central plaza.

There’s a nice beach for those who like to take a little break by the water.

There’s even a secret grotto complete with healing pool.

The region is relaxing and open. There’s plenty of open space with some lovely views, like this river walk.

And even the outlying shops are lovely cottages and crofts, so there’s plenty to shop for and look over.

I didn’t even get into the sculpture garden. There was just too much to take pictures of and my Flickr account is groaning already.

As you start planning for this weekend, be sure to save some time to attend the Memorial Day Marathon and support all the Relay for Life teams who’ll be raising money in support of the Race for the Cure, and take some time while you’re there to support the merchants as well.


Tomcattin’ Around

This weekend is another Relay for Life event and it’s shaping up to be a good one. I had a chance to talk with Wiccan Sojourner last week and she gave me this outfit to try out and see what I thought. Let me just point out that I’m not now, nor have I ever been a neko, and I’m not normally what one might call a “tom cat” but this outfit is pretty darn cool

TomCatitude from Bewitched

Everything in this photo is included in the package, except for shape, skin, and eyes. Hair, ears, tail — all of that is included.

The richness of the detail work is amazing. I’ve long appreciated BeWitched styles, attention to detail, and the absolute fearlessness in approaching everything from kitchy costumes to ritual garb, from formal to fetish, from gown to lingerie. Wiccan has done pretty much all of it at one point or another in her long career as a designer in SL.

TomCatitude Belt & Knife This belt and thigh knife are great examples of Wiccan’s mastery of prim accessory and set this piece up to be much more than just another “torn up top and jean” set.

The boots are very nicely detailed with laces and textures as well.
TomCattitude Boots

The outfit even includes the tattoos.
TomCatitude Tattoos

This version is only one of several available — for both men and women — and is one of the newest items at BeWitched. When you’re out at the Relay For Life Memorial Day Marathon, make sure to stop by the store and take a look at this and all the other great outfits you’ll find there.

Memorial Rockin 24 for Relay

Nevar Lobo from the Relay Raiders has slipped me this little tidbit about an event happening next weekend. That’s Memorial Day in the US and the unofficial start of Summer. By next weekend, most of the schools will be out for summer (Did you just hear Alice Cooper in your head?) and we’ll all be looking for fun things to do.

The third year of this event, Bcreative Wilde will beat her record of 25 hours of Djing for Relay . This event will run 26 straight hours With a different team raising funds for two hours time slots. We come together as one to raise money and celebrate the lives of our friends and family member both here in SL and in RL that we have lost to Cancer. Come Join in the Celebration.

The relay teams for this marathon session are: Spirit Chasers, The Charmed Menagerie , Goreans In Relay , The AllStars, Relay Wizards for Spunky , The Cure Chasers , Texas Aggies, Madness Legends, Roma Pro Vita, and Relay Raiders.

The event starts on Friday at 6pm slt on May 22nd and ends at 8pm slt on May 23rd

Sim provided by Wiccan Sojourner of BeWitched Designs and I’ll have more about BeWitched — the sim, the design, and maybe the designer as the week unwinds.

Stay Tuned!

Sunset at the Fair

Sunset at the Fair, originally uploaded by roland_zepp.

With 30 minutes to go on the PhotoContest, I was looking for something that spoke to how I felt about this last week.

I started out with these Parachute Shorts from Barefoot Apparel (Thanks, Ryan) and Kith Decuir pointed me to this navy “parka” as a great top. The necklace is one that I stumbled on and I love the simplicity of it.

The trunks called for a water scene and I found this float on the Entertainment sim. I’m feeling at once relieved and let down. It’s been a wonderful week working with a great group of people toward a really worthwhile goal and I don’t want it to end. At the same time, it’s been a lot of work and I’m feeling really good about the way things have worked out here.

Thanks to everybody who helped and who donated. Thanks to all of you, we’re that much closer to finding a cure.

RFL Day 7 – When The Clock Strikes …

The 2009 Clothing Fair has a few more hours to run. The deadline looms at 8pm SLT today (the 22nd) and every linden counts in the Race for the Cure.

The designers, organizers, builders, and entertainers are all grateful for your support but this isn’t the time to let up. I’m doing my part, making one last pass through the sims — buying up the last-chance deals but you all need to take advantage of these last (mostly lag-free) hours to get in some shopping. I’ve just picked up a terrific new Styles of Edo black suit and another bit of jewelry myself. I see a great new photo op coming before the Photocontest ends at 6pm and the party starts!

And you all still have time! Get out to The 2009 Clothing Fair now. Take advantage of some wonderful bargains, admire the great build, and help the Relay Raiders in their race for the cure.

RFL Day 6 – X marks the Spot!

No self-respecting pirate would be caught without a treasure and this Pirate Themed Festival is no exception. We’re in the final couple of days now but there’s still time to find the treasures hidden around the various regions.

This, Me Hearties, is what yer lookin’ fer:

Every one of them is in plain sight. None are hidden in anything. None are in shops. None are on roofs. Some require you to look in different places. One Hint: turn around occasionally and look behind you.

Keeping with the idea that every linden counts in our race to find the cure, each chest will cost you 10L. In case you don’t think these treasures are worth 10L of your precious horde, Bucko, here’s the list of what I found in each and every one! (I beg humble pardon in advance if I’ve messed up the name of the outfit or made some horribly gauche faux pas in designer/outfit name.)

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 1 – Ripped Pirate Necklace

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 2 – Ripped Key Kilt

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 3 – Dagger Heart Rope Necklace (Dark Depressions)

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 4 – (nova) RFL sakura Tee & Tights

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 5 – Castaway Sarong and Bikini

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 6 – Awesome Designs Lily Dress

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 7 – Solstice Silks

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 8 – Calibre – Pink top/skirt

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 9 – Fetish gifts from Couture by Cat (Barbarella and Passiflora)

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 10 – Dark Matter L$250 Gift Voucher

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 11 – Silk & Satyr Wish Upon a Cure

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 12 – ::: B@R ::: Lutenant Navy Lady

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 13 – DeLa – Pirate Tattoo

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 14 – Ripped – Pirate Headband & Belt

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 15 – Ayaka top&skirt purple

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 16 – ~Blacklace~ Enticement LE

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 17 – Isis silks (pink) – Eye Catcher

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 18 – Flower Fae Peach

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 19 – To-a-T ~ RFL-2009 Commemorative Jolly Roger Fob Watch

Clothing Fair Treasure Chest 20 – Evie’s Closet Hair Pin

As you’re wandering the islands seekin’ yer not-buried treasures, remember to peek into the shops once in a while. The 2009 Clothing Fair is almost over, and when it fades off into the mist like some Peg-Legged Brigadoon, your chance to take advantage of these great deals will be gone forever.

Remember, too, that it’s for a great cause.

Now, get off the blogs and go look for treasure!!